What if your website and online marketing were super effective, strategic and totally painless to manage? Would you say YAY?

Say Yay Digital Builds easy to use websites for small buusinesses and entrepreneurs.
Businesses say Yay! to the freedom that our digital infrastructure gives them.

At Say Yay, we’re passionate about supporting your passion. We help entrepreneurs by developing the most effective digital infrastructure* to provide an online foundation for the business you’ve worked so hard to create.

Our goal is to make you say “yay” because it’s now so easy for you to manage all of the facets of your digital life, and to look damn good doing it.

*What’s a digital infrastructure?
It’s everything you use to run your business online: email software, CRM, website, e-commerce site, autoresponders, automation software, surveys and quizzes, SEO, Online ads, social media…we could go on and on.

Still wondering what we do?

Web Development

Say Yay Digital specializes in WordPress and Squarespace Web Design & Development. We create websites and landing pages that reflect your brand, and help increase conversion rates.

eCommerce Sites

Say Yay develops efficient, effective eCommerce platforms using Shopify and WooCommerce. We integrate all of the tools you need and make it easy to build the store of your dreams.


Our SEO program focuses on Website Optimization, Keyword and Content Development, and Link Building to ensure your website is ready at the exact moment that your customers are searching for a business like yours.


Our goal is to make every component of your online business work together in an automated way so that your website is connected to your CRM, to social media, to email responders and you are able to ensure that even if you aren't available, your customers are looked after.


We help you set up the email software, branded templates and contact forms on your website and social media, autoresponders, automations and email campaigns so that your platform ensures that you are top of mind to your customers.

So many things

Quizzes, polls, courses, apps, ads, video training. If you can imagine it, we can build it. Say Yay Digital is the perfect partner to help you launch all of your online dreams.

Hey! Nice to meet you. I'm Sharon.

Say Yay is the evolution of my many years helping businesses develop strategic digital platforms.

My breadth of experience, technical expertise, and both online and offline marketing skills make me unique. I’m literally your “one-stop-shop”. This lets me not just recommend the right, most cost-effective tools and products, but also integrate and manage them so you don’t have to. From social feeds, websites, purchasing systems, membership platforms, to CRM and bookkeeping apps, your platforms will always be up-to-date and sharing info in real-time. And THAT means amazing experiences for your customers and for your business.

Beyond my passion, I’m also endlessly curious – always searching for the next tool, service, or creative solution to keep your business not just front and centre, but ahead of the competition – and one more thing you won’t have to worry about.

Passion, creativity, skills, the constant pursuit of excellence and a no-BS, down to earth approach, I aim to make building your digital world productive, easy to manage and even fun (yup – it really can be with the right partner).

Don’t you work hard enough already? Let me do some of the heavy lifting for you, and let’s take on the world together.

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